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  • Walking in La Clusaz
  • Walking in La Clusaz
  • Walking in La Clusaz

If you like the 'great outdoors' La clusaz is a superb resort to explore the surrounding mountains. The village is situated at the base of the Aravis mountains, the highest peaks range from 2753m (Point Percee) to 2409m (Mont Charvin). The best way to explore is by walking and high altitude hiking to experience the fabulous scenery in the region.

Cret du Loup Chair Lift

There are numerous pre-marked walking trails which take you through forests, pastures and mountainous terrain. These are graded according to length, so you can plan your day to suit your particular needs.

Most of the major ski lifts operate throughout the summer months so you can begin your walk without an uphill struggle to start with! Between June and September, you will find mountain refuges on some of the high altitude routes, which offer excellent regional dishes for a welcome break (or stay) during your walk.

Chez Arthur Restaurant on the Cret du Merle piste

In addition, most of the chalet restaurants at the top of the ski lifts are open if you are after a more leisurely walk, or there to admire the views. Below is an itinery and description of the most popular walking routes in the area.

You will find a map of the official local walking trails available in La Clusaz and are also detailed below:

1) Tour of the Village (2hrs): An easy walk which you can do as soon as the snow has melted. You will be able to see panoramic views of the Aravis mountain range on this easy walk around the village. (Starting point- ice rink 1030m: Vertical incline- 270m: Highest point- 1190m).

2) Danay (2hrs): At the top of this walk there is an orientation table with superb views over the Aravis, Bargy, Bornes and Baugesbmountain ranges. (Starting point- les Confins Chapel 1408m: Vertical incline- 325m: Highest point- Tete du Danay 1731m)

3) Col des Aravis (downhill-3hrs): The mountain pass is a very popular spot for tourists travelling by coach or car, it is also the starting point for walks to the "Chalet du Cure" in a lush mountain pasture setting with magnificent views over the Mont Blanc mountain range. (Starting point- Col des Aravis 1486m: Vertical incline- 450m downhill only: Highest point- Col des Aravis 1486m)

4) La Creuse (3hrs): La Creuse is a passing point along the climb towards the gap in the mountainside which forms the "Porte des Aravis" (gateway to the Aravs massif) and reaching it can be the main aim for walkers who don't want to leave the well marked footpaths. Snow fills this natural basin during the early summer and you will discover a world that is almost entirely made of rock and stone. (Starting point- Cret du Merle 1500m: Vertical incline- 430m: Highest point- La Creuse 1930m)

5) Croix de Colomban (3.5hrs): The walk to the cross is a good one to do if you are on the Beauregard plateau. Although the croix de Colomban is not the highest point in the area (situated just above the Cretes des Fretes) it offers views over the Thones valley below and you can see the different valleys that lead to the villages of the Aravis massif. (Starting point- Pointe de Beauregard, accessible via the cable car: Vertical incline- 320m: Highest point- 1691m)

6) Tardevant Lake (4.5hrs): A middle mountain walk which is the most accessible for those going through the upper Aravis valleys. The braver hikers will continue as far as the Aravis ridge, to Ambrevetta, where the view over Mont Blanc is particularly impressive. (Starting point- Arpette car park 1432m: Vertical incline- 700m: Highest point- 2110m)

7) Belier des Aravis (7hrs): This walk is easy and varied but rather long (can be done in a day, but also in stages). It will take you through Alpine pastures and forests with a magnificent panorama from the top point of the Beauregard mountain. (Starting point- Chapelle du Parc 1030m: Vertical incline- 1000m: Highest point- Pointe de Beauregard 1643m)

8) Tournette Aravis- Official GR hiking route (8 Stages): Along this walk between the Tournette and Aravis mountains, you will discover the mountain range and its high valleys at your own pace. A national footpath going through less crowded country with varied landscape from flowering Alpine fields to huge rock faces with an abundant wildlife ranging from the timid mountain deer to the proud Ibex or Alpine goat. The walk follows an 82km circuit. The departure and arrival point is at "Morette" on the way out of Thones (12km). This can be taken over 5-6 days with plentiful food and drink stops and (if required) refuges along the way.

Map of Local Walking Routes in La Clusaz

Map of Walking Routes in La Clusaz

Please note that the above walks are meant for the Summer Season only. During the winter season, some routes are at risk from avalanches and walking along them with snowshoes can be very dangerous. (A map of paths for walkers and snowshoers during the winter is available from the Tourist Office in the centre of La Clusaz).......happy walking!